February 16, 2023

Issue #13

Good morning friends!

Shall we get right into it…

Quote of the day:

Sometimes in supernatural fashion, a single person is marvelously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace and talent in such abundance that his every act is divine and everything he does comes from God rather than human art.

- Giorgio Vasari on Leonardo Davinci

A Musing, Aphorism, and Heuristic (or something like that)…

i) Kill your darlings…

Sometimes you will create something so brilliant…

So interesting…

So perfect…

But you’ll have to let it go.

You’ll have to (for the sake of the project) keep it out.

You’ll have to kill your darlings

ii) Confidence through competence

If you wait until you’re ready you’ll never start.

It’s like learning to ride a bike.

You don’t become confident in riding a bike before you start learning.

You learn how to ride (competence) then you become confident.

iii) One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning - James Russell Lowell

You learn the most by doing.

By diving in head first.

You try, get stuck, and have to learn a specific solution to a specific problem.

But in the process, you will learn a whole lot more.

If you are repairing an engine and realize there's a broken tube. When you repair the problem you are going to learn not just about the tube but where it connects, what it’s called, and what it carries...

Cocktail Time: Communication tip; And the occasional joke; And fact

Communication tip:

Don’t be scared to say something random.

Did you think the name of the street was funny?

Comment on it.

It’s okay to throw random thoughts out there.

One Actionable Tip to Improve your Life Today:

Do one task before going on your phone tomorrow morning.

It could be:

  • Brushing your teeth

  • Making your bed

  • Writing

  • Stretching

  • Reading

Just do something without depending on your phone.

A Few Resources:

Wrote a few threads on Twitter worth checking out:

Thanks for reading friends!

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I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

- Morning Musing