November 17, 2023

Issue #15 - Have Grace

Very few people need you to yell at them. Your best employees, your best allies–they have high standards for themselves too. They know when they screw up. They feel bad enough already. What they need is grace. What they need is help. What they need is a pick-me up.

Ryan Holiday

Being disgraceful isn’t (truly) done to let the other person know they have made a mistake.

They know they have.

You yell for yourself, out of fear, and out of anger.

You’re angry because another person didn’t meet your desires, expectations, and standards.

It’s narcissistic to think your wants are the most important thing in life and it’s narcissistic to think the other person doesn’t feel the shame or embarrassment of making a mistake.

The other person made a mistake sure, but, “they have high standards for themselves too.”

Think for second who is more wrong; the person who made a mistake or the person who is angered by another’s mistake?

Mistakes are human, one does not go through life making zero mistakes.

I argue the person who is angered by another’s mistake is in the wrong.

Firstly, they’re anger by something they can’t control. This is the act of a fool.

Secondly, they are angered by a very human thing…mistakes.

In a sense they’re either, angered by an inevitable human act, or they don’t fully consider the other person as human as themselves.

Don’t be like this.

When someone messes up be graceful, kind, compassionate, flexible, understanding, and helpful…

Be human.

Thank you for reading.

I hope I brought some value to your day.

I know it can be hard to always be graceful, but we must try to rise above our challenges.

Until next time!