November 23, 2023

Issue #18

Good morning friends!

How are you doing this morning?

Quote of the day:

My life was hard on the body, but easy on the mind. Your life will be easy on the body, but hard on the mind.

- Unknown

A Musing, Aphorism, and Heuristic (or something like that)…

i) Weed through the negative thoughts…

You spend your life in your mind, make it a nice place to be.

Interrupt the harmful automatic thoughts and reactions you have.

Replace them with dreams, gratitude, hope, and love.

ii) Start with their values…

Debates over subjective topics never go anywhere because both sides fail to recognize one thing…

Both arguments are true from the lens of the person arguing them.

An argument would go much further if you start by acknowledging the other person’s values and asking them to explain why they believe their argument coincides with their values.

Also by acknowledging their values you can begin to explain how your arguments better align with their values (if you genuinely believe it does).

iii) The 4 quadrants of human reality…

This is an idea from Ken Wilber.

The idea, is we can split how each us experience the world into four subsections.

Picture a cartesian grid:

On the left side of the Y-axis is the internal world. On the right the external world.

Above the X-axis you have the individual world. Below you have the collective world.

Q1-the top left: This is individual internal world, essentially the mind.

Q2-the top right: This is the individual external world, or your body.

Q3-the bottom left: This is the collective internal, or societal structures and norms.

Q4-the bottom right: This is the collective external, or cities and buildings.

Most people when arguing or thinking, constrain their thoughts to one quadrant at a time. When two people think from different quadrants they tend to butt heads. The secret is to expand your view of the world to all four quadrants.

One Actionable Tip to Improve your Life Today:

In times of stress or when wanting to relax try this breathing pattern:

Take a quick inhale through the nose to fill most of your lungs. Then quickly take a second shorter inhale to fill the rest of your lungs up.

Exhale the breath through the mouth while making a loud audible sigh.

Repeat as needed.

Remember you’re trying to relax don’t strain yourself.

A Few Resources:

i) Dive deeper into Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrant theory:

ii) For those who don’t know one of my first passions was understanding the human body and health. Here’s a good article on the importance of magnesium and the best form to take it in:

Thanks for reading friends!

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- Morning Musing