October 9, 2023

Issue #14 - Unlimited Ideas

It’s been a while…

I’ve had an insane year of adventure, that I am forever grateful for.

Naturally there was a give and take, leaving me to have to give up some projects.

Morning Musing being one of them.

Lately, things have started to settle and I want to get back into writing a few issues a week.

But I’ve ran into a slight roadblock.

For those who don’t know when I started this (short) project earlier this year I would post one every morning and I would write the issue the night before or the morning of.

I had endless ideas flowing. However since trying to get back into it my mind has seemed more empty then usual.

It simply comes down to me being out of practice.

So, todays Issue is going to be about creating endless ideas.

Luckily, I’m not going into this blind, through prior experiences I have learned how to generate ideas. It comes down to simple actions that you’ll be able to choose once you understand the underlying principles.

The 4 Principles:

  1. Inspire & Inputs

  2. Expand & Explore

  3. Cut & Clarify

  4. Make it a habit

1. Inspire & Inputs

As the name suggests you have to consume ideas, materials, and experiences.

Books, trips, movies, videos, podcasts…

Through this you will inspire your mind to put it’s own twist on the inputs. To want to understand it, explore it, and develop it.

Which brings us to principle 2.

2. Expand & Explore

The next principle is to give your mind room to make an idea it’s own. You must get out of your way.

No inputs and no controlling your thoughts. Go for a walk, take a shower, or workout. But do it without listening to something.

Let your mind wander.

This works especially well if you do this right after consuming an input.

3. Cut & Clarify

Finally mind dump all of the thoughts that came about during the Expansion and Exploration phase. Write them down.

Then like a good writer, take the time to organize your thoughts. Cut out the excess and clarify the ideas that need clarifying.

You’ll notice this step blurs with the prior. Clarity will tend to bring about new streams of thought

4. Make it a Habit

Do it often.

It’s like I said at the beginning when I was doing this everyday I had endless ideas. After falling out of the practice, I’m well…out of practice.

The more you consume ideas, let your mind wander, and write, the more ideas will come.

Sometimes you may have to many.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I genuinely appreciate it and truly hope this helped one of you.

It feels great to write one of these issues again, I enjoy the relaxed, artsy, personalized feel of it and today it made me imagine what it’s like to be one of my favourite authors.

Until next time.